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Osprey Platforms

Ospreys are large river birds that in past decades were nearly wiped out by pesticides. QRWA has helped to reestablish a strong osprey population by building and installing at least one osprey platform each year to provide raccoon-free nesting sites for these majestic birds. 

Fishway at Wallace Dam Grand Opening April, 21, 2012

For years, volunteers lifted struggling fish with nets and buckets over the dam. The new fishway sends water from above the dam down and out a tunnel-like-chute with an open top to create a flow that attract migrating fish.

The design features an informational center where people are able to see how fish cross the ladder.

Contributors include the Connecticut Foundation for the Environment/Save the Sound, the QRWA, the town of Wallingford, and state DEEP. Each played a different role to make it happen and because of the overall cost of an estimated $400,000 this project took years to complete. A must see operation for all ages.

2011 Is The Year of the Turtle

DEP plans to increase awareness of turtle conservation in Connecticut. Click here for DEP Press Release and list of turtles in danger. 

Turtle Crossing

Through its Turtle Crossing project which involves many local residents, QRWA has provided for the monitoring and protection of the wood turtle and the eastern box turtle, two of the "Species of Special Concern" in Connecticut.

Mowing Guide to Prevent Turtle Injury, link, and Turtle Crossing Blog- Link and information provided by Sigrun Gadwa



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 Male Eastern Box Turtle From Sigrun's Collection on Facebook. Google CT/DEP for endangered         species for more information
Box Turtle from Sigrun's Collection on Facebook